Distinguished Flying Cross

The DFC was established by Congress in 1926, the oldest aerial achievement medal.

Awarded to any person, while serving in the capacity with the US armed forces, distinguishes him/herself by heroism or extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight.

Below: Distinguished Flying Cross (numbered 7) Awarded to MG Charles B, Stone III 9 May 1945

MG Charles B, Stone III

Charles B Stone III Major General USAAC For heroic achievement in aerial flight over enemy territory taking hostile ground fire constantly China-Burma- India Theatre Aug 21, 1943 to May 1 1945, 1943 to May 1 1945

Initially used to recognize “amazing or heroic” aviation feats in history such as C. Lindbergh, E. Rickenbacker, R. Byrd, A. Earhart, Chuck Yeager, Jimmy Doolittle, John Glen, Jimmy Stewart, George H. Bush, and John McCain.

MG Charles B, Stone DFC award write up

President Coolidge awarding the first DFC to Capt. Charles Lindbergh on 11 June 1927 for his 36 hour solo flight across the Atlantic ocean landing in Paris. Aug 21, 1943 to May 1 1945