Second Nicaraguan Campaign Medal

In 1925 a coup d’etat by Emiliano Chamorro forced the current president to flee the country.

Civil war broke out in Nicaragua during the first months of 1926, and U.S. naval landing parties went ashore to establish a neutral zone for the protection of American citizens.

As the fighting intensified and spread, additional coastal enclaves were formed by the Navy to shelter refugees. By January 1927 the U.S. Special Service Squadron was reinforced by two light cruisers and seven destroyers.

In November 1929 congress awarded the Navy and Marine Corps personnel who served Nicaragua and nearby waters between August 1926 – January 1933.

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Navy 2nd Nicaraguan Campaign Medal (1626 – 1930), Rim engraved “IF Mullen/USS Coghlan R.M. 2C USN” rim numbered “M.No. 2340”