Navy Proficiency Awards

The Navy Marksmanship Badge was introduced in 1904 to promote proficiency in marksmanship with both Navy/Marine enlisted and officers.

Based on the ranking, an upper bar was added to display “SHARPSHOOTER” or “EXPERT”.

The badge was discontinued in 1914 and replaced with the Expert Pistol & Rifle Medal in 1930.

Navy Expert Pistol Shot Medal

Established in July 1931 to recognize outstanding pistol marksmanship.

  • Qualification is awarded a ribbon.
  • Sharpshooter wears a bronze “S” on the ribbon.
  • Expert receives the full medal.

Navy Expert Rifle Shot Medal

Awarded to naval personnel who qualify as Expert with their issued rifle firing at prescribed qualification course.

Pistol Expert Shot awarded to LCDR Gilbert L. Gates - Commander LST Group 42, 1946

Rifle Team
Lewrance Perrie Robinson