Civil War Campaign Medal

Navy & Marine Corps campaign medal est. June 1908.

Design depicts the 1862 battle of the Monitor and Merrimac.

The medal displayed was issued to Coxswains Mate John Pasque during service on the first USS Hornet.

Approximately 3,000 numbered medals issued from first strike. This one is number 1541.

John Pasque

coxswains mate


USS Hornet

Civil War Campaign - Navy

USS Hornet

The USS Hornet (1865) was originally the CSS Lady Stirling a blockade runner for the Confederate States Navy. She was badly damaged and captured by the United States Navy on 28 October 1864 off Wilmington, North Carolina.

Application filed to Remove the Desertion Charge for John Pasque on 17 MAR 1890 As he was taken prisoner at Fort Sumter 9 SEPT 1863

Desertion removal charge approval