Purple Heart History

General George Washington the original heart-shaped badge for “Military Merit” in August 1782.

Only three NCOs where known to have received the original award. A purple cloth with a lace and binding boarder.

The “Presidential Wound Certificate” and the “Presidential Killed in Action Certificate” was created by Woodrow Wilson and were awarded to those Wounded and KIA in WWI. The certificate was designed in 1919 and holders of these certificates were entitled to the Purple Heart when it came out in 1932.

First modern day Purple Heart Medal was awarded to Major General Douglas MacArthur w/OLC in 1918.

Presidential Wound & KIA Certificate (1919)

Original Purple Heart (1782

USN WWII Purple Heart awarded posthumously to F1C Henry Dacko

F1C Henrey Dacko served aboard the USS Pensacola on November 29, 1942 during the Battle of Tassafaronga. One of 18 torpedoes launched by Japanese destroyers hit below the mainmast on her portside. Her number dead; 7 officers and 118 crewmen.


USS Pensacola

Purple Heart Box issued to (Father) Next of Kin